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Habits I Picked Up Whilst Travelling

Finding Time to Read When your budget is small and you can’t afford to go to the MOMA in NYC or shop till you drop on Fifth Avenue… You go to the park and read. As it might be your cheapest option. I found myself reading a lot more whilst travelling because firstly, I had an abundance of time for myself, secondly it was free (if you already have a book) and thirdly I just enjoyed being able to stop, sit-down and take in my surroundings whilst reading a great story. Keeping Up With My Skin-Care Routine There is no excuse for getting sloppy with your skin-care whilst on holiday. You have all the time in the world!!! It also helps to believe in the products you’re using. I took a trip to Glossier the first second I got to New York (read here) and bought a bottle of Milky Jelly Cleanser. The whole experience of buying it directly from the Glossier Penthouse then using it for the first time and being blown away, has made …

Why I Chose To Travel Alone

Fellow lone travellers can agree that there are so many perks to adventuring solo. If you’re on the cusp of taking a solo trip but you have a few doubts, I’m here to reassure you, you’re on the edge of a great thing… 1. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want, with whoever you want. That’s right, complete freedom! You can do whatever. you. want. If you want to get up at 4AM to watch the sunrise, nobody’s gonna tell you no. If you want to spend a whole day shopping, you can. If you want to just relax in your hotel all day, you can! It’s completely up to you. It’s up to you whether you want to hang out with others too, if you’re staying in a hostel, you’re going to meet super fun people, so the option to be with people is always there. But if you want to just be on your own, you can. You set the rules! 2. It’s being completely independent. I’ve always been quite an …

Sony World Photography Award Exhibition

You will leave feeling truly inspired… Whether you’re an inspiring photographer or avid Instagram-er, It’s an exhibition you could easily spend an hour or more exploring.. The exhibition is at Somerset House which ends on the 7th of May, so you’ve still got time to go and give it a visit! If you have a chore free day or you work in the area, take an hour off to explore. Book Tickets Here