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24 lessons for 24 years

So yesterday, I turned 24 years old! I love my birthday because it gives me a chance to reflect on how life was a year ago. Looking back and being here today, life has definitely taken a turn for the better and so many lessons have been learnt. Some of these lessons I need to remind myself of daily, some are imprinted on my mind. I wanted to share with you some of the most inspiring quotes I’ve read, I’ve learnt and still teaching myself about, so you can be the best version of yourself too..

1. When you stop censoring yourself and show people who the real you is, the right people will come into your life.

2. You are not your status, you are not the money you make.

3. The amount of effort you put into something, is the same amount of effort you get back.

4. Things that have happened to you, do not define who you are.

5. By giving myself more time, attention and space, I have more to give to others.

6. Following somebody else’s path will not lead you to personal success.

7. Every event that has happened in your life, good or bad, is a learning experience.

8. Your relationship with God is personal and you should never need to explain your faith.

9. You can’t rely on others to believe in you, you have to believe in yourself.

10. Being financially independent is a form of freedom that you deserve.

11. Forgive people who hurt you, even if you think they don’t deserve it, because it will set you free.

12. Life is too short to live without love and laughter.

13. You have to work hard to get what you want. Nothing worth having comes easy.

14. Opening up and being vulnerable is not weakness, it’s strength. Holding back and not saying how you feel is weakness.

15. You deserve the best life possible. You deserve the best version of yourself.

16. “No man is an island.” You can follow your own path but you can’t do it alone.

17.Β There is no such thing as failure, this is life’s way of pointing you in the right direction.

18. Be in the present moment, because it’s all we have.

19. A relationship is not meant to complete you, it is meant to compliment your life.

20. In the words of Mother Teresa “If you judge people, you have no time to love them”

21. You deserve healthy, satisfying, and loving relationships. They are your birthright.

22. If a ‘friend’ isn’t 100% supportive of your success, they’re not really your friend.

23. You are not the opinion somebody has of you. You are not the names they call you.

24. You can’t live a brave life without disappointing someone.




  1. hannahalaine_ says

    aw i love this! my birthday is today & i’m about to upload a post really similar to this. happy belated birthday! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Lucia says

    Well done and thankyou and many very happy returns…been loving the glimpses of your USA trip too…xx


    • Natasha Bonny says

      Thank-you! Me too, It is probably the most powerful lesson we can learn xx


  3. Dearest Natasha, Happy belated birthday. Your 24 lessons learned are just the beginning of a life of learning. Make each day the opportunity to learn something new and never regret the choices you make, good or bad as they all give the potential for a better life ahead. God Bless.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. suphalle says

    Happy super belated birthday! I absolutely loved the last one. Just because your life isn’t picture perfect to someone else doesn’t mean it can’t be your perfect picture.

    Liked by 1 person

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