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Why I Chose To Travel Alone

Fellow lone travellers can agree that there are so many perks to adventuring solo. If you’re on the cusp of taking a solo trip but you have a few doubts, I’m here to reassure you, you’re on the edge of a great thing…

1. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want, with whoever you want.

That’s right, complete freedom! You can do whatever. you. want. If you want to get up at 4AM to watch the sunrise, nobody’s gonna tell you no. If you want to spend a whole day shopping, you can. If you want to just relax in your hotel all day, you can! It’s completely up to you. It’s up to you whether you want to hang out with others too, if you’re staying in a hostel, you’re going to meet super fun people, so the option to be with people is always there. But if you want to just be on your own, you can. You set the rules!

2. It’s being completely independent.

I’ve always been quite an independent person, but hopping on a flight to America with no one to meet at the other end, felt bizarre. However, once you get to grips and settle into your accommodation, the world is your playground. To me, being independent is a crucial way of life. I obviously love all of my close friends and family to pieces and wouldn’t know what to do without them, But knowing you are ok on your own is a big thing and it’s very important. If you don’t feel like that yet, a solo trip will certainly make you comfortable being with yourself.

3. You build a huge amount of trust with yourself.

You’re the one who has to organise transport to the hostel, to catch your flight in time, to open up and speak to new people. It’s pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and taking responsibility. When you succeed at these things, the trust you have for yourself really blossoms.

4. I like being with myself!

Is that ok?! I don’t see being on my own as a disadvantage. I like taking myself to cute brunch spots, I like hanging out in the park with a coffee and book in hand. There is nothing shameful about doing things solo. Some things I refuse to do with others, for example, shopping. It’s so much quicker when you’re on your own!

5. It gives you the space you need from your work routine.

Something everyone needs to do as often as they can, take a step back from work, life at home and your everyday routine. Being abroad solo really gives you the chance to look at your life from an outside perspective and it’s so much easier to see what things need to change. Without the distraction of a partner or friend.

6. I chose not to wait for someone to come with me

If you wait for the right person to travel with, you may never travel! Don’t get me wrong, my friends love to travel and they’re all super adventurous, but we don’t all have the same wants. For example, one friend I have would love to do all the touristy things and really live like they’re on holiday, whereas I like to feel like a local. One friend likes to sunbathe at the beach all day and do nothing, I personally can’t think of anything more boring/painful (celtic skin sucks). Finding the right travel buddy may never happen, so stop waiting and start booking flights.


If you have travelled solo before I’d love to hear about why you loved it so much! Or if you had a different experience… Thanks for reading 🙂



  1. I have never traveled alone before, I don’t think my parents would be comfortable with the idea of me traveling solo just yet. I have always wanted to though. Maybe when I get to the third year or fourth year of Uni, it will not be a big deal because then they will get used to me being responsible enough. 🙂

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    • Natasha Bonny says

      Yeah I think travelling solo is not something you can rush into! The right time will always come at different times for different people 🙂

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  2. Diana xx says

    Everything you’ve been doing sounds so wonderful Natasha. The life experiences you’re gaining are without doubt going to shape and complement the rest of your life. Well done you , much love ❤️

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  3. This is me in a nutshell. If no one else is free to travel, I’m not going to miss my opportunity to just GO! Plus, like you, I DO like hanging out with myself 🙂

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