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Steps Towards Minimalism

 The act of minimalism is essentially, cutting the crap out of life to get to the good stuff. Minimalism makes me ask myself, what is actually important to me? Why do I own so much stuff??

I’ve come up with a few pointers that I want to be thinking about everyday…..

Stop spending money on products you don’t need/want.

With influencers on every social media platform showing you what they got sent to their P.O box, you may feel like you need to go out and buy that amazing new eye-shadow palette that ‘so and so’ was raving about. Before you get wrapped up in all the excitement of a new product ask yourself if you really need it, will you still be using it in 2 years time? I’ve wasted so much money on cult products that I thought were going to be life changing and actually they’ve just been added to the huge pile of beauty products that were tried and tested.

Don’t be fooled by advertisements telling us ‘You need this in your life!’

I’m 100% sure if you look through your Mum’s, Sister’s or best friend’s bathroom she will have products like, under-eye cream, over-night face masks, daily moisturizer, anti-aging cream, cleansing toner, blemish sticks, balancing serums and you know the list could go on. We do not need all these different products just to keep our skin looking good. You wanna know the secret? Water. Stay hydrated and your skin will glow. I recently downsized my skincare routine down to 2 products and my skin has never looked so clear.

Let go of things you no longer use/need/like

Thinking about my own clutter, do I really need that flowery ornament I bought back in 2013 that I barely look at anymore? Nope. Do I really need 15 pairs of shoes? Hell no. Do I need 6 different quilts with matching pillows and cushion covers? No! I recently decided to go through all my stuff and do a serious de-clutter. All these extras are not even luxuries they’re just objects that stop you from moving on, from travelling or from realising that spending money on experience is much more rewarding than having a fancy bed spread.

Realise that you don’t need much to live

Food, shelter, water and love are things that keep me alive. Essentially that’s all I need. When you simplify it, it’s shameful that society tells us you need a big house, 2 cars and a swimming pool to classify yourself as wealthy. Wealth is something only the individual can define.

What will I remember most?

When I’m 80 years old will I still value the new Iphone I bought myself or that solo trip to Edinburgh? Will I think fondly of that expensive handbag I bought or the time me and my best friend travelled to Bath together?




  1. Hi Natasha, many thanks for your post. I especially love your common sense approach to skin care! Have a great day, Lorraine (Minimal-Lol)


  2. Brilliant post and couldn’t agree more with everything you said 🙂 I started a huge clear out at the start of the year and I literally feel so much lighter!


  3. Anna says

    Amen! I have been a minimalist for a while and then got sucked back into a spending habbit. Recently, I’ve been able to take control again and just made one change: rather than not spending at all, I spend on things that I know I am going to get a good use out of even if they don’t fit into a super minimalistic “capsule” of belongings.
    In my case this is climbing trousers/exercise gear. I have one pair of these trousers at the moment and love them. I’d really like a second pair but I don’t need it. At the same time I work out so often in my one pair that it’d be nice to be able to switch them out and not stress about laundry. I wear a lot of basics in my everyday wear but I allow myself to splurge on great quality outdoor and sports wear as long as I don’t buy it in excess. If it *will* get used a lot it’s fine. If it not, it needs to have a very good reason to be acquired (say for example a rain jacket).


  4. You’re sooo right! Love this! I feel the same way. I often go thru my stuff and bring that book, or that shirt, or whatever it may be, to the Re-use-it Center here in town because someone might just be interested in wearing that shirt or reading that book. I have enough stuff and for a couple of years, I have told my family and friends, if you want to buy me something for christmas or a birthday, make it something I can use, consume, not a nic-nac sitting on my shelf. And it can’t be something expensive! It’s suppose to be a thought towards the person, not a diamond ring. We can live with so much less! There is so much consumerism going on, it’s frightening! When I travel, I think, oh, I’d like that, but I really don’t want more stuff, so I don’t buy it! Thanks for this post, I quite enjoyed it!


    • So true! Buying nic nacs doesn’t help at all, they’re pretty to look at but that doesn’t last. I’m glad you came and read!


  5. ThatGirlYT says

    I don’t think I’d ever manage to live a ‘capsule’ lifestyle, but I definitely need to make some changes towards living a less cluttered life and I feel like these steps are really going to help me to start going in the right direction. 🙂 It’s so helpful that you’ve given concrete examples and provided useful tips to really make a change. I’m going to declutter asap!



    • Me too tbh, all I would like is to spend my money wisely on things that actually matter and will serve me. Like a train ticket to visit a friend. De cluttering is a great start 🙂


  6. I absolutely love your tone, this was extremely well written and I can relate in so many ways. I’m very minimalistic myself and I agree with you on every point you made. Advertisements have a way of making us feel inadequate unless we have certain things that we don’t even need. Early on my father emphasized knowing the difference between needs and wants and I believe people today have a hard time differentiating between the two, mainly on the basis that they want to “fit in” and be accepted for the image that they project. This was an amazing read. Cheers!


    • For sure! Needs and wants are two totally separate things and we should learn the difference. I hope this post helped you in some way 🙂


      • Reading this was definitely positive reinforcement and you definitely provided a different angle that I was able to take a lot from. Thank you for sharing.


  7. I stumbled upon your post first thing in the morning, and believe you me it made me happy. Apart from the way you put it across, which is a sure shot in the arm of positive energy, I am also glad that you think like that. May I also interest you to look at a documentary called “the four horsemen” . Its a documentary and I share the link,

    Perhaps it shall strengthen the subject which you so beautifully elaborate.


  8. What a good post this is, Natasha. I’d love for you to come over to my house and help me get it decluttered. Where to begin?
    Artists in particular have this situation – a lifetime of collecting art and making art – oh my!
    I look forward to reading more of you posts. Lynda Lambert


  9. Minimalism is a wonderful approach toward living one’s best life. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful message and personal experience in practicing living simply. It is important to declutter your things in order to sift through and find the few things that really matter.


  10. I love this! Great post and so very true. If more people realized the true value of what’s important in life this would be a better world. Thank you for bringing awareness.


  11. Great post!! I feel you with the skin care stuff haha. And it’s so true, having less places much more value in what really matters(: I’ve also been trying to downsize recently and I find this really relatable

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