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5 Lessons Learnt Living in London

I’ve spent the first 3 years of my 20’s in London working, meeting new people and expanding my mind… With life moving at what only feels like 100mph, I’m taking this opportunity to stop time for a moment and reflect…

When I think of London, I think of it as my home. Home is where you feel most like yourself and at ease. It’s a crazy city and not much of it is peaceful, but whenever I go away and come back to London, I feel content. Even if I’ve had an amazing holiday, knowing that I’ll be coming back to London makes me happy. So why do I love it so much? What have I learnt?

my friend Emily on left and Elodie on right. Love them both!

1. There are people on your wave length

Where I lived before London, I had 0 friends that wanted the same things out of life as me. They say to surround yourself with people who inspire you and I feel like I did exactly that. Now I have a handful of wonderful people who I trust and can truly confide in. I have friends who inspire me to be a better person and push me to follow my own path. These qualities have now become standard for any future relationship. Platonic or romantic… Without meeting these incredible people, I may never have discovered that this is what I want out of relationships.

2 doggies casually dressed up for a fairy festival

2. There is not only one way to live life

When I lived in the countryside I assumed I’d have my dream job and be married by my mid-twenties… I turn 24 this year and couldn’t think of anything I’m less prepared for. The truth is, being in London has opened my mind to so many new possibilities and ways of living, it releases the pressure of ‘doing it wrong’ because there is no way to live life incorrectly, we’re all taking different paths.

walking down the middle of waterloo bridge at around 9pm cars were closed off!

3. London makes you resilient

If you survived the 8am commute to work, you can survive anything. Seriously. I’ve learnt how to speed through crowds, run across roads without getting hit and when there’s a tube strike I can recite all of my alternative routes off the top of my head. After years of living in the city and getting used to huge crowds and busy streets, I’ll tackle anything life throws at me.

Holland Park in the sunshine, this was a great day

4. I’m in a permanent state of self-discovery

Let me start by saying you don’t need to move to London to learn about yourself. But it helps. I’ve discovered so many things about myself like, I’m actually quite creative, I love music and photography, I don’t like wearing heavy make-up or heels and that’s definitely ok, I like visiting art exhibitions, I love talking to people who aren’t from here and learning about their way of life. So many things and I’ve accepted that from now on my life is going to be one big adventure.

my favourite friend Charlotte, who i’ve spent most of my time in London with 🙂

5. People who live their truth inspire me the most

I’ve met so many people doing so many different things, students, artists, models, all hustling to make their dreams come true. London is the best place to be when you need motivation, just look around and there are people everywhere doing awesome things.


Do you live in London? What do you love about the city? What have you learnt?!



  1. sassymirrorbyhilda says

    I love London too and would love to live there. I’m really having a long thought on going back. I wrote an article about living in London


  2. Totally with you on being in a permanent state of self discovery 🙂 I’m still learning more about this city and about myself even though I’ve lived in London all my life.


    • It’s great because you learn new things about yourself everyday 🙂 constantly trying new things and testing yourself is really fun


  3. sassymirrorbyhilda says

    I’m in Germany for masters purpose which I hope to enroll in Oct but my mind wants to live in London but I’m also scared what the Brexit will bear tomorrow for Europeans


  4. melony says

    Really enjoyed this post Natasha
    Lovely to hear how much London means to you


  5. I I love London! and I love this post! Anything that’ll get me closer to it! I’ve been there 3 times but only for shorter periods of time, like a week! One day, I know, I’ll be back! And yes, you’re right, Life is an Adventure and should be treated as such! When I was younger and without children, I travelled a lot, I think, that’s a great thing to do if you can and have the money and zest for life! We even travelled with children, so don’t believe people when they say you can’t travel with kids. My daughter was 8 mths old on her first trip and has been to Germany 8 times. We have family there, so always hit Germany, as well as other towns and countries in Europe. I say “Go for it”!


    • Yes I totally agree!! Adventure doesn’t stop once you have children. My parents took me traveling around India for a month when I was around 12 years old. It was an amazing experience for me and I’ll support any parents who choose to travel with their kids! Thanks for the comment 🙂


  6. Ajibola Sunday says

    What a great post and love those points made about the lesson learnt. Learning is a lifetime process, you will still learn more with time and I agreed that self discovery is a lifetime process too.


  7. I live about an hour and a half south of London and love where I live, but I do love London too. I love that I don’t have to travel too far to be right in the middle of such a beautiful and diverse city.


  8. Hi Natasha! Thank you so much for liking my blog post! I have lived in London all my life and I love it too. I have a gazillion nieces and nephews about your age (ok maybe 10 or so) and I’m always interested in their opinion about things…so keep blogging…you have useful things to say.


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