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March Favourites 2017

Brandy Melville sweater | Vietnam Travel Guide | UltraBland Cleanser | Bath Bomb

Again I find myself asking… where does the time go?!

Time is moving fast and thank goodness for that. Spring has arrived! If you watch my Instagram story you’ll know all I’ve been snapping recently is blossom trees and various trips to the park. Spring has to be my favourite season and all I’ve been doing for the past few weeks is trying to spend as much time as possible outside in the beautiful sunshine.

Anyway, on to my favourites.. there honestly hasn’t been many physical favourites, lots more favourite moments in life which I will have to find a way of sharing with you all next time…

Frank Ocean – Blonde

If I’m totally honest his two albums Blonde & Endless should of been in every favourites for the last six months! I’m that in love. If you haven’t given him a listen you should. Great review here.

Brandy Melville

…Are killing it right now. I’ve almost bought their entire new collection. The quality of the clothes is incredible, everything feels super soft. I’ve actually been shopping there for years now and know that it’s a brand I’ll always love!

Lonely Planet Travel Guides

I’ve been doing my research on what countries I’d like to visit this year, Vietnam being one of them but I also want to visit lots of places in Europe and the U.S lol. So reading up on a couple of places is helping me decided where I should head off to first!

UltraBland cleanser by Lush Cosmetics

This products is like a dream come true! It was recommended to me by a friend and I can’t thank her enough. I use it to remove my make-up at the end of the day and because it’s of a balm consistency, it really does remove everything. My skin is so much cleaner and clearer because of it!

Lush Cosmetics Bath Bombs

I’m loving all the Easter themed bath bombs right now especially ‘Which Came First?’ It smells like grapefruit and lemons so its super fresh and is definitely best for morning baths.


That’s everything guys ❤ What were your favourite things of the month?!



  1. Anna says

    I only recently rediscovered UltraBland (don’t ask me why I ever stopped using it) and it’s amazing! And it doesn’t even have a funny smell which sometimes annoys me with LUSH stuff.
    Also, Vietnam is super high on my travel wishlist. Adam (the boyfriend) is going on a work trip out there later this month but we weren’t able to extend that to a holiday unfortunately. Hopefully next time!


    • That’s why I loooove it too! No funny smell, it’s a basic product and it works really well 🙂
      Yes I’d love to go! But it also want to visit the U.S & some more of Europe but can’t decide where to head first. I need to get myself organised! If you go I’d love to hear about it xx


  2. Jane says

    My favourite thing this month has been listening to and watching the birds. Their songs are so uplifting.


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