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December Favourites

Here we are again, another month has flown by and 2016 is almost over (YAY) …

What a whirlwind month/year it’s been for all of us! But that’s one long discussion ahead of us and I’ll get into that in my next post. This month has been another crazy one, Do you remember me telling you guys in my October favourites that I would be moving house? Well that happened this month instead. So yeah, you could say it was a tricky ordeal. I also missed out on my November favourites which I’m sorry for! 😦 Nevertheless I’m moved in now, living in an area of London I know pretty well so it feels a lot like home.

House moving aside, it’s been Christmas since I last wrote!!! I hope you all had a wonderful 25th of December, to those that celebrate and those that don’t and especially those who still had to work. You deserve a million thanks.

Also in the space between moving and Christmas I took a solo trip to Edinburgh which I wrote about here & here. I had the best time and it got me into the Christmas spirit. I highly recommend visiting if you get the chance.

So without further ado, lets get into what I’ve been loving the most this month…

Converse All Stars in Burnished Lilac Rose Gold

Theeeeese! These are a dream and I’ve had my eye on them (and the whole nude collection) for months now so I finally took the plunge and purchased them. They were quite difficult to get hold of as they are pretty much sold out everywhere including online. My advice is to just keep the tab open and keep checking.

Ecoffee biodegradable cup

I actually picked this up whilst travelling around Edinburgh, it’s a reusable coffee cup made from bamboo fibre and completely biodegradable. It’s light and fits perfectly in my back pack when not in use. The lid is also drip-free so no dreaded spills down your shirt. Now when I order a tea or hot chocolate I ask them to use my cup and not a paper one.

Copper Oval Make-Up Brushes

I’m yet to try every brush included in the set but the face brush and the mini brush I used for eyeshadow were both incredible! They’re super soft to the touch and something a little different to your usual MAC brushes.

The New York Times: 36 hours London & Beyond

I put this on my Christmas list and Santa kindly gave it to me 🙂 how nice of him. I want to do lots more travelling around the UK this year as there are still parts I’m yet to see. I have family members all over England, Wales & Ireland but there are some areas still so foreign to me. I’d love to go on a road trip with friends and explore!

Kindle PaperWhite

This was also a Christmas present which I’m extremely grateful for, it soon made it to the top of my favourites. One of my new years resolutions is to read more and with all this exploring I’m going to be doing over the next year I really didn’t want to be lugging around books in my travel bag. So this honestly is a dream come true. For example, I want to re-read the Harry Potter books but could never imagine carrying them around with me. So this is a life-saver! Thank you Santa.

The Body Shop Vanilla Chai Range

I think this has to be the most delicious smelling Body Shop range everrr. I instantly fell in love with the hand cream which I’d purchased first. That was when I decided I’d have to go back and buy the shower gel. I’ve got no regrets!! I’ve always really liked their hand creams, the way they sink into my skin and make my hands feel super soft. The shea butter one was found at the bottom of my Christmas stocking!

So that’s everything, I hope your December was a little more peaceful than mine. I can’t wait for the new year to begin! How was your December? What presents did you get for Christmas?


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