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A Mini Break to Edinburgh

How deeply have I fallen in Love with Edinburgh? Enough to feel ‘Home Sick’ when returning to London…

My recently journey through Edinburgh has been wonderful. Even though it’s a bustling little city with busy streets full of eager tourists & locals doing their Christmas shopping, it was somehow a very restful and humbling trip away.

I was there for four days and whist travelling home late last night, I was already planning in my mind when I could next visit again. I spent most of my trip exploring the city centre and Edinburgh’s huge Christmas market to which I dedicated a whole blog post, find it here.

The whole city captured my heart, but there is one place in particular that made me return three times..

The Elephant House

‘The birthplace of Harry Potter’ is its selling point. If you didn’t know, this is where J.K Rowling claims she wrote Harry Potter. So you can guess, much like I did that it would be full of tourists and very, very busy. So I skipped going in on the first encounter but the next one I thought, I can’t come here and not go!

Let me start of by saying the food & the coffee is nothing extraordinary but the atmosphere & the great energy is what made me return. I left feeling happy, content & stomach full after the biggest plate of jacket potato & chilli I’ve ever seen!

If you’re in Edinburgh I urge you to visit (at least pop in to use the toilet, pictures below). Even if you’re not a Harry Potter fanatic, It’s a wonderful little cafe with a homely feel & wonderful energy!

Moving onto Castle Rock Hostel, for £9 a night and an incredible view of the castle, I really feel like I hit the jackpot with this one…

There was one room I loved the most which was called ‘the posh lounge’ and so rightly named…

This room was my zen zone. I drank way too much tea & hot chocolate (it was free!) and worked away on my I-pad whilst sitting in front of a lit fireplace. When the time comes to buying my own home I’ve decided it must have a working fireplace!

The whole place was great, my bed was clean, the staff were friendly and they also offer a cooked breakfast for £1.50!

Now that I’m back in London I already don’t fancy sticking around for long. I’d love to go back to Edinburgh and maybe explore some more of Scotland! Is there anywhere in Scotland you’d recommend I check out? I’d love to hear from you 🙂


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