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Tate Modern 360 view

Now I’m living south of the river I really have no excuse not to visit the Tate more often…

Especially with a view like this which is completely free, and wonderful galleries to explore, I’d make this my everyday office if I could.

not too sure I’d enjoy living in these apartments with a view…

After taking a lot of snaps and admiring London for a while, I head back down to the Turbine Hall where some truly magical stuff was going on..

I’m not really sure what was happening but a film starts playing and the room was filled with ocean sounds. It was a moment of escapism in the middle of the city.

If it’s your day off and you’re stuck of ideas, head down to Tate Modern. Art Galleries are always so great for escaping the high energy atmosphere in London and once you’ve stopped by and had a wonder round you feel ready to bounce back again. The views are incredible from the 360 tower and you’ll want to spend hours just watching the world go by..

Tate Modern is free but if you find yourself wanting unlimited access there are exhibitions exclusive to members which starts at £70 a year. Sign up here!



  1. Gabriella says

    Thank so for that.
    I love the Tate.
    Try sitting in the Rothko room for 3 hours and see what happens.
    I did and it was profound.


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