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September Favourites

Cushion Cover | How to be Compassionate | Elephants on Acid | Autumnal Throw | Twining’s Tea | Lotus Biscoff Spread

September has been a busy month for me…

..I’ve started a new job, It’s been two of my best friend’s birthdays, I went to Strasbourg and met the Dalai Lama.. Lets finish there and say its been hectic!

But I feel like my favourites this month have summed up my September perfectly..

Homeware – Autumn & Winter are the exact periods I like to invest in my home. Although I live in London and I’m renting and moving flats almost every six months at this rate, I like to keep things as homely as possible. I love buying throws and cushions to prepare for those cosy nights in during winter. I picked up this cushion cover from Camden market for under a fiver. The autumnal throw is from TK-MAX and was a complete bargain also.

Snacks- One thing I’d noticed when I was in Strasbourg is that they sell Speculoos biscuits & the spread everywhere. If you don’t know what it is, I recommend you buy the spread pronto. It’s made with a belgian biscuit called Speculoos which has a cinnamon, caramel flavour and it’s delicious on a slice of multigrain toast, or in porridge, or a spoonful on it’s own (but I’ve never done that before).

Then of course you can’t forget tea. Tea is essential when you want to hibernate indoors. I’ve grown to love Twining’s spicy chai & flavoured green tea, my absolute favourite is the Fudge Melts flavour.

Books – I always like to buy a new book when I travel, I also like to buy one trashy magazine to make me laugh but I promise I only buy them when I travel. Anyway I chose something I wouldn’t usually go for, Elephants on Acid. It’s a book about wild experiments, just like the title suggests and I surprisingly loved it. I then bought a book on ‘how to be compassionate’ after seeing the Dalai Lama as I want to relive the experience over and over.

So they’re my favourites for the month, I’m super excited for halloween and christmas to come up as I’m sure you all are too.

What were your favourites this month?


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