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6 Awesome Toast Toppings


This weekend I decided to get a little creative for brunch, because sometimes marmite just doesn’t cut it…

With my boyfriend on toast duty I decided to whip up some fun and super easy toast toppings for our weekend brunch. As I’m always up super early in the week I tend to have a quick breakfast such as cereal or porridge, but when it hits the weekend and I’ve had a long morning in bed I like to make something special for brunch.

I think this idea would be great for when friends are coming over, or you have a lot of kids to feed. It was so much fun to create, it looks great and the flavour combinations are pretty unique compared to the usual peanut butter and jam! [jelly for you U.S readers].

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Here are the ingredients you will need to make each topping:

1. beetroot hummus & sliced radish

2. Nutella & sliced strawberries

3. Peanut butter, sliced banana & cinnamon

4. Hummus, sliced cucumber & basil

5. Smashed avocado, sliced cherry tomatoes, salt, pepper & lemon juice

6. Cream cheese, clementine & passion fruit (my favourite!)


Prepare all your toppings by slicing, mashing whatever you need to do, then, get your 6 pieces of chosen bread toasted and leave to cool. Once they are cool lay them out onto a chopping board or tray then start adding your toppings.


Super simple and fun to make. I bet there are so many other amazing topping you could create, If you try out this recipe take a picture and leave a link to your Instagram or blog and I’ll check it out!

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