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Jeff Koons: Now Exhibition

When you hear that an art exhibition involves a huge mound of play dough, inflatables and balloons… You can’t really say no!

This is the Jeff Koons Now exhibition at the Newport Street Gallery.

I’ve never seen something so fascinating, paintings don’t really get me going but silly shows like this are a must. It was hard to resist the temptation to touch everything, was it made of real play dough? How did he get those basketballs to do that?

So many questions… But I won’t ramble on too much as I have lots of photos to share with you all…






I’ve saved the biggest for last…



I don’t think these pictures show just how huge these pieces are. If you want to check it out for yourself you’ve still got time. It’s running until October and the closest tube is Vauxhall station. I’ll leave a link to the website below.

What kind of art do you enjoy most? Are there any shows you’d love to visit again?



  1. melony says

    I really like the colours
    Thanks for sharing and the fact that on checking the gallery it said it was free maybe I’ll get to see it in person
    Thanks for the inspiration

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    • Hey, It really is awesome to see in person and can’t believe I forgot to mention it was free. That’s the best part! If you visit in the week like I did it’ll be pretty quiet so you’ll probably have the place to yourself. Enjoy if you decide to go 🙂


  2. I saw a Koons show in Bilbao a couple of years ago- a good place to see it because that is where his flowery puppy is. It’s fun and deeply strange- there were giant photographs of him and his pornstar wife La Cicciolina. It’s like taking the whole of life with your tongue in your cheek.


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