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4 Fun Things To Do In Budapest

Last month me & my boyfriend took a trip to the wonderful Budapest…

Where do I start?! I love Budapest. It’s one city with 2 personalities. Formally split in two cities, Buda on the western bank of the Danube and Pest on the east. I loved the views and relaxed vibe of Buda and the upbeat and liveliness of Pest. Everything is easy to get to, Ubers are cheap and so is everything else. Coming back to London was a struggle!

Here are a few things that make me want to take a trip back to Budapest! 

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1. Visit Szechenyi Thermal Baths

There are so many Thermal Baths in Budapest but this one I believe is the largest. 2 large outdoor pools, hot indoor pools, saunas, steam rooms & much more. I visited at 10am and it was fairly quiet, next time I’d get there a little earlier. Overall I loved the Baths and could of easily sat in the hot pools all day long.


2. Grab a slice from Pizzica

Honestly some of the best pizza I’ve had in a long time. We ordered a classic margarita, a slice with pesto and rocket and a cream base with potato and truffle oil. Delish! But genuinely fall for anything that has truffle oil on it. I think in total this meal cost us €7. I could of gone back there everyday if we knew about this place sooner.


3. Eat A Chimney Cake

Kurtos Kalacs I think is the original name. Soft brioche like cake covered in sugar & cinnamon. Very delicious! They are sold all over Budapest so you won’t have trouble finding them. They also make chimney cakes covered in chocolate, strawberry sauce, vanilla and savoury options too. But obviously you can tell I have a sweet tooth. You can snap one up for roughly €2 each.


4. Have Tea at The Cat Cafe

One experience I never thought I’d try was having tea in a cafe practically owned by cats. A strange experience, cats are allowed to climb onto the table, even into the girls bathroom as seen above. But none the less I got to socialise with some cute kittys in the most relaxed cafe.

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Have you been to Budapest? What did you think of it?


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  1. Melony says

    Sent a friend who has lots of cats the pictures and she loved the idea of a cat cafe
    I loved the pictures of all the food


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